Out of Position...

In light of the upcoming Beer F.C. vs. Beer F.C. International Match this week, I wanted to write an article that is both Soccer and Poker related. Instead, I came across one that was written in the beginning of November by yours truely on soccer and poker. The article addresses position, which is ever so important on both the felt and the pitch. Hope ya enjoy. New material coming soon.

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08 November 2005

Out of Position...

One of my pet peeves is position. I believe that every playable combo. in poker has an appropriate position to be played. And again, played differently based on position. Position is PARAMOUNT to long term success.Poker is not the only place position is to be considered. Take my soccer franchise, for example (http://beerfc.com). Our Club won three Indoor Championships in a row. Everyone had a defined role and complimented one another. Then of course, our collective heads became too large and we signed "the world," as we had to expand the roster moving from indoor to outdoor. On paper, we were phenominal. On the field, we had a shortage of footballs to go around, too many scorers, not enough defense. Thus we were not successful in our summer campaign.

One would think that everyone in the organization would have learned their lesson. I split my top squad into two groups, one headed by your's truely, and the other by my ever so famous friend "that guy." I left virtually everyone to him, and formed a brand new squad, so building successful franchises is my specialty. Kyle ("that guy") had very little building to do, as he already had the real deal. He had a spot or two to fill, but nothing that had any urgency. The spot was defensive in nature, of course. So, he runs up to one of the most offensive minded people in the league (Rick) and asks him to come play. Kyle somehow convinces himself that Rick is a phenominal defender, forgetting that Rick put four in on him just a few short weeks ago (that would be my first clue that dude's not a defender).

This decision was unpopular amongst the team, and resulted in one defection to my new squad (i didn't offer anyone but wouldn't turn em away if it fit my system). So, he once again has too much O and not enough D, and catches his squad out of position for about 1/2 the game. When everyone was in position, Beer controlled the match.With four minutes to go, Kyle initiates a sub from the field, pulling Capt. Steve (all around player, very aware defensively, brilliant soccer mind) to bring Rick the Defender in. Kyle shouts out for Rick to come in on Defense.

Now, kyle was trying to secure at least a draw, if not a win. With four minutes left, that's about 8% of the game left over. If the score is 5-6, in my mind, the game is still within reach. Especially considering the momentum shifted to the Beer Squad's favor. There was no urgency to rush forward, which is what Rick does. So, Kyle makes a save... And instead of bringing the ball out in a slow, controlled manner, he plays it swiftly to Rick and tells him to go with it. Rick carries down the field, gets a shot off, the ball comes back the other way... no defenders in sight and Bam goal.

Then a minute later, same thing, attack, counter, goal. Kyle's team loses a winnable 8-5 in the final 8% of the game.

Which, this positional mistake brings me back to poker and expected value. When one builds a successful arsenal of poker hands, he or she must consider position. You can't play crap out of position. You cannot be the first to act with a shady hand. One doesn't want to act UTG with a jack-9. That's simply not the position for that hand in most games. I see someone do that, I expect them to lose more often than win, thus giving it a negative expected value primarily based on position. Save those hands for loose games when you're in the BB or sometimes on the button, don't attack with it when you have no clue what anyone else has.

If someone throws an all-star attacker on their football squad and calls them a defender, I expect them to lose as well. Position is important. More important than the cards in the hole. Respect position, do what makes sense. Don't concern yourself with the last flop coming jack three three and you tossed jack three offsuit preflop. Don't worry about signing an attacker to prevent someone else from doin so, when you're not in the market for an attacker. Do things that have positive expected value. Things that make sense. Things that are proven to work within the system.

Haiku of the day:
Act in postion,
If you don't, you will go broke,
Cryin all the way.