Beer Pong...

As I had wrote yesterday, I had a Beer Pong Tourney to play in at "The Stone", which the jury is still out as to whether or not I'm still drunk from said event (9.30am the morning after). My partner and I were at a distinct disadvantage in this tourney, as we were the only "non college student" participants in the event. And of course, we were appropriately eliminated in the second round of the double elimination match. Regardless of our early exit, the Beer Guy and company managed to drink our weight in beer and had an absolute blast (from what I remember). Fortunately, I took some pictures of the day to help my memory lapse, they can be viewed here.

Rumour has it that I missed one hell of a battle yesterday between Tim and Matt for the Shark Tour Championship. Both of them, from my understanding brought their "A-Game" with Tim being crowned the Champ for 2005. Mad props to ya. The newly crowned champ didn't stop there though. He went on to defeat Shark Heads up right after, which is quite a task, let alone doing so right after the title match. Shark pushed to seven games though, with Tim winning the decisive game seven of the series.

Once again, Congrats to the Champ and Matt. And thanx to the Shark-dude for putting together one hell of a 2005 season.