angry the Card Gods must be...

So, I had reflected a bit on my last post topic (end-game strategy) and decided to make a slight adjustment. I entered the $5+.50 at Full Tilt, hosted by The Shark Poker Tour. And, once again, I maintained my Tight Aggressive Image. With twelve people remaining in the tourney, I was sitting in 4th place with a sizable stack. I got correctly caught up in a big hand that dropped me by about 2/3rds. Then the "Card Gods" got angry.

I was in the Cutoff with A4s. The table folds around to me (ten people remaining - five on each table). I raise for a steal, which is called by the button. Flop completely misses me, K, something something. My intention was to check and fold, as the button was likely to have nailed the king (not beyond him to call with k-4offsuit, according to pokertracker).

In any event, I move to push the fold button, as he had bet. However, I was catipulted into the final table mid hand and mid click. The tables didn't line up properly, and I end up allin, losing the hand to his pocket twos.

So, I've of course concluded, the poker gods must be angry with me for some reason. I'll have to go find something (a stuffed donkey, perhaps?) to "offer up" as a tithing, in hopes of gettin' back on their good side.

CheckRayz update: Tourneys will be scheduled (expected to begin in January) and announced this week. Stay tuned here, and visit the CheckRayz site regularly for details.