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As perhaps a bit of foreshadowing, I'm posturing to make up for the last month or so of non-substantial posts. While I do not offer an appology for the lack of posts, I shall point out that I've got a million of projects running simultaniously, all of which take up a great deal of time. In addition to family responsibilities, along with the additional duties of breathing; when I actually have time to sit down and write, I've just got no gas left in the tank. That being said, today the tank is full and I just might have something to say!

Freeroll weekend

For starters, in case you didn't get the memo, tournaments all weekend long at the grand opening of Pharaoh's Poker Palace. CheckRayz will be there for the festivities, as we have THREE private tournaments scheduled there this weekend, two of which are freerolls. Download Pharaoh's poker palace here.

Nordic Poker

Along the same topic, it's been asked of me several time if I am supporting a poker room that is a skin of poker.com. I'm going to preface this by stating up front, I am a poker.com guy. That out of the way, I obviously support Carbon Poker, as it's an evolution of sorts that is going to be the focal point of the Merge Poker Network. Carbon was created out of the need to mainstream advertising, which was uncovered due to logistical challenges in Australia with respect to branding.

Upon the conclusion of the Aussie Millions, Carbon Poker and Merge Gaming Networks were revealed. Nordic is a skin in the Merge Network. "In theory" networks of this sort are created to help several different marketplaces come together to create 1 pool of players. The benefit is that each of these standalone marketplaces (skins) will combine to help support one another, in that more players will equal more games, bigger tournaments; and thus all parties involved will benefit, because more players more opportunity to play, more game selection, bigger prize pools, and more money all around.

In theory, each skin brings it's own marketplace. When asked if I am promoting Nordic Poker, the answer is "no." I have my marketplace in the Merge Network. I represent the Carbon Brand and/or the dotcom brand. It's neither right, nor ethical for me to utilize the Nordic brand to market a network I'm already marketing. The goal, once again, is to bring new players to market, not to recycle the marketplace. My understanding is that all current players are... or will be barred from having duplicate accounts at Nordic, if they already participate at dotcom or Carbon. And additionally, I will not encourage anyone to get accounts in their wife's or dogs name either. That, again, is unethical and is very used car salesmanish in recommending such a thing (no offense to any honest salesman out there). Disclaimer: There's nothing wrong with Nordic, it's just not my marketplace, and I will not resell my market on a place they already are, period.

TRANSLATED: MArketing Nordic under the premise of "You'll need to use a unique email addy and a unique screen name (unique from poker.com/Carbon) when installing (hoping that solves the prob)" <=== shady - unethical, very AP/V247-like... not doing it, not condoning it and will report when/if discovered.

Now, all that being said, I will be "properly" positioning the Poker.com and Carbon Poker brands by offering a special CheckRayz First time deposit bonus and Reload bonus. THIS is how one would/should properly represent the network. Details of the deposit bonuses, as well as the codes, all will be revealed at the top of next week.

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Moving on...


This is the weekend of Derbys - the Kentucky Derby and the Manchester Derby. Usually, I closely follow the KY Derby, however, partially because I've been extremely busy, and also because this race is so wide open, with little in track records to follow; I have no prediction. Not that I'm a horse picking expert, but I have been a bit fortunate in my predictions, specifically with the Derby - but this year, I don't see anything that gives me a bettors edge in this race. Thus, no predictions, no bets. Greenstein would advise me to sit this one out and rest.

However, one Derby I do know something about is the Manchester Derby. I do not see the UEFA defeat sitting well with United. Look for United to wrap up the Premiership this weekend, and focus on the Double with the FA.

Other Ramblings

I mentioned the Aussie Million a bit earlier in this post. I have to say, I've managed to see very little of it on TV. My friends mention seeing me a few times, and they talk of seeing "that Jimmy kid." I'm waiting (for more free time) to watch it in full. I have so much stored upstairs, that I want to watch the television taping from start to finish so that I can brain dump and reflect all at once.

Finally, I'd like to give a shoutout to one of my partners in crime Matt a.k.a. - "bornsupreme." Look for Matt to have a guest spot right here at the Poker Pub in the near future. He's got lots to say and knows his stuff, and I'm thinking it's time to bring in a guest blogger or two, as well as to attempt to refocus my energy.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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