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There's been a bit of a buzz regarding the Merge Poker Network (MPN) - which is chiefly Poker.com and Carbon Poker. Recently MPN took on a skin called Nordic Poker. For those of you not in the know, often poker rooms that are owned by multiple companies band together in a network to merge their pool of players together to allow everyone bigger tournaments and more players. The seperate poker rooms are referred to as skins. Although the tables may look different, they're all being played in the same online card room.

As stated, recently, Nordic joined the MPN. Lately, there has been a push by an affiliate (person who promotes poker rooms, hoping to bring players in that will deposit, play and make money for the poker room and the person marketing it) for players to download and deposit at Nordic Poker. This in and of itself is acceptable. Poker rooms thrive on affiliates spreading the word and bringing players to the marketplace.

However, when these players are encouraged to "use a different email address and screenname to register with the new skin" we're treading on a ZeeJustin-like ethical issue.

I'm going to make this clear - registering an account under a different email address and screenname at a network where you already have an active account is unethical and is a form of cheating. Anyone knowingly encouraging such activity is encouraging you to cheat.

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This sort of thing was going on at Absolute Poker, as the skin of AP - Vegas 24-7 was accepting new players under "email addresses unique to AP." This resulted quite often in the BeerGuy sitting at a table at AP with the same person under two different screen names. How many times do I need to knock a donk out of a tourney in a freezeout before he's eliminated? Am I playing the screenname or the player? Surely you can see where I am coming from...

I will not be surprised if action is taken over this issue at the MPN. The staff at poker.com have always been on top of things. I know for a fact this issue has been brought to their attention. I also know they've taken action. I strongly suspect further action may be taken. I'd not be surprised if accounts are closed, if not frozen. Not that I'm in the know, or speaking for anyone, but I know these guys personally, and I suspect they do not tolerate cheats, and will not accept this sort of unethical marketing going on in their house.

I strongly suggest that anyone who has accounts in both places close the newer of the multiple accounts immediately. I'd also suggest that you steer clear of anyone telling you "just use a new email address" or "register the account in your dog/wife/kid's name." All of this is shady. Poker.com is a second home to me, and I do not like my house being disrespected in this manner. You're encouraging cheating, being unethical, and attempting to manipulate the system. It needs to stop now. Nuff said


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