CheckRayz Leaderboard at Poker.com update

The CheckRayz Leaderboard Tour at Poker.com has a bit more than one month to go, and the race at the top is tightening. With twelve events remaining in the tour, it is still anyone's to capture.

This week, we'll be featuring a seven card stud tournament on Wednesday and a pot limit omaha game on Thursday night. Don't miss out!

Additionally, there's an exclusive CheckRayz deposit bonus at both Poker.com and Carbon Poker!

Both rooms are offering our members either a first time 200% up to $100 using the deposit code initialcheckrayz or a reload bonus of 75% up to $100 using the code reloadcheckrayz. Don't miss this opportunity!

Below is the leaderboard standings...

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Reelcrazy 146.6
cardluvr 143.1
yellowrose 108.6
imjusthere4thebeer 95
careybear 93.9
bc5457 73
vegasjj 69.8
Lazrus 40.3
shamanalix 39.3
bomber44 33
texasdan333 29.2
angels2005 28.1
Ohmanda 25.1
deadmonk26 15
TSM12 12
creepykenny 12
runroughshod 11
hyppichyck 10
PrinceSheba 5
1breaks 4
roneil33 3
ThreeDimes 3
Merlin558nj 3
Knapping 2
Braisco 2
Willplay 1
TJMoney08 1

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