more on said ethical poker issue

I've received a bit of a response on my discussion of the ethical issue I mentioned in regards to affiliates encouraging players to create multiple accounts at the Merge Poker Network. I'd like to further discuss this by further clarifying my position, as well as address other people's positions on the topic (who have written in).

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Joey writes in asking "Isn't there a feature where if you are signed on at one account of a skin, you are blocked access from the other (i.e. crappy Titan and Kiwi Poker)??"

Joey, there is a feature that blocks a player from being signed on at the same time, meaning that you can not run more than one occurance of the poker software per computer at a time. This did not stop Absolute Poker/Vegas24-7 players, however from registering themselves for the same tournament multiple times.

Additionally, many people have multiple computers in the household. It was not uncommon, especially in the private games, to be sitting talking to someone and they answer your question with their "other screen name."

So, with respect to that question, simply allowing one occurance to run will not knock down the multiple account possibility.

Royal writes in with the following feedback:

"I don't see the logic behind calling multiple skin accounts (and hence the encouragement of affiliates) unethical. If, for example, Nordic poker offers a better rakeback than Carbon I would be foolish not to sign-up and play under that skin. This has been standard ever since party launched skins and it's really no different today.

Now if someone is choosing to abuse this by have multiple accounts at the same ring game, SnG, MTT, etc. then of course that's unethical. And as I wrote in a blog post if Merge allows this then shame on them. Even party got that one right and their software is way behind poker.com's."

Good response. I think that in order to answer this I need to further clarify my position. I'm not totally against taking advantage of opportunities (i.e. - rakeback). In fact, I'm all for maximizing one's opportunity. I am, however, against mining a bonus at poker.com as imjusthere4thebeer and then coming through Nordic as CheckRayz taking advantage of their bonus or offer.

From a business standpoint, I don't believe that anyone who is an existing player should be permitted an additional first time deposit bonus at either poker room in the network. I think that will hurt business, especially with the network being relatively new.

Where the ethics come into play is when people are encouraged to use new email address and new screen name to buck the system, even if it's not said "do this to buck the system." The intent is there.


Microgaming actually has this one correct, IMO. When I register at River Belle and work their bonus off. Then, I come across another Microgaming room, say 32 Red, for example (forget for a second that 32 red no longer accepts US Players). I am able to take advantage of the 2 seperate bonuses, however, when I register my email address the system notifies me I already have an account with the network and LOCKS ME INTO MY SAME SCREEN NAME. This prevents multiple accounts in so far as I'd have to register as my wife, dog, kid, girlfriend, dead uncle, etc. in order to get two accounts going at the same time.

Additionally, they too only allow one occurance of the software to run at a time on the computer. Now, not that this "prevents" cheats from having two accounts, but it makes it a bit more of a pain in the ass.

IMO, this would be the best way to solve the potential problem.


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