Aussie Millions Final Table This Weekend on FoxSports

This weekend, the final table plays out on Fox Sports for the 2007 Aussie Millions. While I did "accidentally" cheat and watch two weeks ago, I had not planned to watch this event until I could watch it start to finish. I have pages and pages of notes that I took while I was there. As many know, originally I was to go there to cover the event for Poker.com on the Aussie Millions Blog. However, what we will call "technical issues" prevented proper coverage. I took pages and pages of notes, of which I've went over once since my return. I'm really wanting to break them out, but not until the entire Aussie Millions plays out on television. I'm really wanting to watch this cover to cover.

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While I did mention that I "accidentally" cheated and watched two weeks ago, I plan to purposely cheat and watch the final table on television. I remember the buzz on the floor the day of the final table. Tina and I, along with several other of the poker.com crew (Scott and Lenora, Ben, Cornelius) went down to the main floor to watch the final table. The table was actually in the TV room on the other side of the casino.

I met several familliar faces on this day - while the final table was playing out. Ellen from Poker Analysis, the owners of SharkScope - to name a few.

There was such excitement on the floor as this table played through. I was really pulling for gobboboy to come through and take this tournament down. Gus ended up being too much for him though.

After the tournament, the Crown through one hell of a party. I hung with Tina, the Collins and the Allens for the majority of the party - mostly helping Tina score photos with as many of the pros as possible. I kept introducing her to Pauly, trying to sell her on the fact that Pauly is a doctor.

Speaking of Pauly, he and I had a nice talk that evening. While he has a job that is a dream to most of us, it was then - at that very moment (at the reception) that I realized that while doing what he is doing is one sweet gig, there's a whole lot of work involved in what he does. Covering an event of that magnitude, whether with a staff or flying solo, is not an easy task. 16-18 hours plus in actual work is put in daily - many times without breaks, without food, and sometimes feeling like nothing is going right.

It was... and still is quite overwhelming to think about my time there. I do not typically watch poker on television. I enjoy the game, how cereberal the play is, and the social aspect that poker brings. I also enjoy the challenges involved in playing. I never really got into the spotlights or the glamour of the game, however. So, while I was not star struck by being in the presence of many of "the pros," I was in awe over the magnitude of the event. I still cannot properly put into perspective that which Oz was.

I'm thinking/hoping that when I do finally sit down to watch the entire Aussie Millions, I'll begin to process my experience in Oz.


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