Freerolls all weekend long at Pharaohs Poker Palace!

This weekend marks the launch of Pharaoh's Poker Palace. To properly celebrate the opening, Pharaoh's Poker Palace will be having freeroll poker tournaments all weekend long.

CheckRayz will also be holding two private freeroll poker tournaments at Pharaoh's Poker Palace, and one money added buyin. We'll be holding a CheckRayz $100 freeroll on Saturday May 5 at 4pm EDT, and Sunday May 6 at 12pm EDT. The password for these events are at the checkrayz tournament schedule and passwords page.

Additionally, there will be a $3+.30 buy in, with a $100 overlay to the prize pool.

This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor at this new, innovative poker room, as there will be lots of free and added money floating around, along with players who are acting accordingly. I know I've had tremendous success at rooms of this nature in their infancy stage, and I expect this to be no different.

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Pharaoh's Poker Palace is offering various first time deposit bonuses:

25% bonus up to $100
100% bonus up to $300
or 500% bonus up to $1000!

Additionally, Pharaoh's Poker Palace is positioning itself as the first poker room that utilizes webcams during poker play. This is a great way to show off your poker face.

Freerolls and other promotions will be going on all weekend at Pharaoh's Poker Palace, so be sure to stop by. Download Pharaoh's Poker Palace here and get playing!


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