Carbon Poker Explained...

For a week or two now, there's been confusion as to what is going on over at Poker.com, specifically with the emergence of this Carbon Poker brand and the Merge Gaming Network.

Here's the deal...

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The Aussie Millions was a learning curve for all of us. While there was much learned by all, one of the lessons learned was that brands had to follow specific standards in order to make it on television (in addition to the typical palm greasing and/or media approval, of course).

One of the areas addressed are whether or not you have a brand that has a URL that does not allow deposits to your poker room. For example, PokerStars has their PokerStars.com URL, which is where everyone who downloads is "able" to download, deposit and play. They also have PokerStars.net. This is the URL that is advertised on television, this is the "brand" that the pro's promote (in public).

While both of the above websites look very similar in nature and both allow download and play... PokerStars.net has disabled the deposit and cashiering function from the PokerStars.net side completely.

In fact, when I was a baby donkey, I first downloaded via pokerstars.net. My brother was talking about the bigger cash games going on. I could not locate said cash tables. He thought I was either crazy or "computer dumb." After troubleshooting and laughing for a bit, it was determined I downloaded via dot net. I had no access to the cash tables, in site or play.

What it will be

Poker.com are trying to accomplish something similar. Our players at the Aussie Millions had some significant face time on television. Unfortunately, when at the feature table, they were not permitted to wear the logo. The staff's arguement was that the logo met their standards, which were communicated to everyone in advance. However, the brand did not meet the other guidelines, specifically regarding "no deposit."

This seperate brand will allow Poker.com to better advertise in the mainstream media during high profile poker tournaments down the road.

Additionally, you heard talk of this Merge Gaming Network... Well, you've played on Prima and Microgaming before, right? This is the same concept. It allows for other buyers to come in and buy into the network. Several different "skins" playing in one poker room. Picture this as a large food court in the mall. Everyone goes to their own personal choice of resturant there. I might choose to go to the Pizza Joint, while Super Donk chooses Bob's Burger Barn, and Gerg chooses the Chinese place.

While we've all ordered and paid for our food at different restuarants, we're all able to sit down at the same tables in the commons area of the food court and eat together.

Translated to the world of poker, this will allow players to come in from both poker.com and carbon poker (for now, with more to come) and all sit down at the same common tables, even though they've bought in (ordered) via different poker rooms (restuarants).

Down the road, when the "food court" grows, there will be more rooms advertising and drawing players. This will translate to more traffic, more opposition, bigger tourneys, and higher guarantees. It is a win-win-win situation for Poker.com, the players, and the network as a whole!

What it will not be

While again, I am not an "insider," I can assure you this Merge Network will not be a second coming of Absolute Poker's network, where you're able to enter the same tourney from all network rooms. I can assure you that the poker.com team has in fact taken precautions to specifically avoid allowing any sort of collusion and/or cheating that is common and indirectly encouraged in rooms such as Absolute Poker/Vegas 24-7. The player's best interest is always kept in mind at Poker.com.

I hope this offers up a better overall understanding as to what might be going on over at Poker.com.


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