Housekeeping items, cuz it's been a while...

It's been a while since I've strung back to back to back posts here at the Poker Pub. Since I'm now doing so, I'll take the opportunity to get some housekeeping items out of the way.

First, I'm currently entertaining offers for the Freeroll Poker Blog of mine.

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Some quick facts on the Freeroll Poker Blog:

Google PR-3.
Alexa Ranking of approximately 35,000.
Blog is just about one year old.

Drop me a line via my advertising address if you're interested.

CheckRayz News

The newly created CheckRayz-News blog will be the official way that I communicate anything CheckRayz related to our members. I anticipate posting on that blog no more than once a week, in that I do not wish to over news anyone. Ideally speaking, I will post there exactly once per week to keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on in the world of CheckRayz.

Syndicated column

I'm playing around with the idea of providing an article of sorts once weekly to anyone who is interested. This can be for blogs, websites or whatever and will be poker related. Currently, all I am asking to use this article is to not change the content in any way, shape or form, which also mean the links. I will want credit for my work, as always.

I also will need to approve who is using this service, as I have copyrights to everything I do --- thus, I'll need to issue each user a seperate license. Again, please email me through the advertising link so that anyone interested can get set up.

Edit: I've acquired the blogs in which I shall run this syndicated writing service from.

I'm also looking to put together a reputable team poker blog for those who are interested.

For both, topics will be poker related, and anecdotal or news (i.e. - tournament coverage) - as opposed to advice and how-tos. Drop me a line via my advertising email for anyone who is interested in either project.

Have a great weekend everyone. Look for our CheckRayz league to start up again next week.


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