Wrap-up of the Aussie Millions and CheckRayz Stuff

A bit ago, I wrote a wrap-up piece for the Aussie Millions and submitted it via email to the Poker.com staff. Unknown to me, it published in the Blogger Poker Tour Blog. So for anyone wishing to read the Aussie Millions Wrap-up I wrote, click away. Additionally, I've placed a copy of this writing on my new Poker Writer Poker Blog. This blog is a new project (one of several) I am working on, which you'll surely here more about in the upcoming days and months. Click to check out the Aussie Millions Wrap on the Poker Writer Blog.

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Now that I'm a few weeks removed from Oz, I've been reflecting a good deal on my experiences. Now that I know exactly what I am up against... I will be at other toruneys in the future in some capacity - whether it's covering them independantly, covering them for a poker room or news outlet, a player host for those unable to travel to certain venues, and/or as a player. Whichever way, I intend to be a presenece.

Moving on... CheckRayz has been on "vacation" for a bit (read: I've been busy and playing phone tag with poker room reps). Expect a schedule for both February and the beginning of March early next week.

Have a great weekend,


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