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Let me preface this entry by saying "holy shit is it cold"... I do not function well in the extreme cold weather. Even when I am mummified in blankets indoors, furnace cranking; the fact that I know it's less than zero outside really messes with me. I become less productive, explore new and innovative ways to hybernate, and dream of being among the smarter species on this planet who fly south for the winter...

That being said, the brain is frozen... I did manage to write that piece, which "should" find it's way up on the poker.com poker blog and the BPT Blog very soon. Did I mention that it is the middle of summer in the land of the poker.com poker blog?

I think we can all see this post is pretty much a post of nothingness... Keep reading, there is some slight context to nothingness below... I promise!

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1. Bugsy's Club will be continuing with our CheckRayz League... I'd expect that we will not be going 5 days a week. 1-2 days a week is more realistic... Also expect this league to run it's course over the next two months or something...

2. Something will be announced regarding the CheckRayz Championships from second half 2006 shortly... I can promise it will be a great tourney and feature the best of the best... But as of present, I cannot promise where, when or for how much. I'm negotiating with a few different poker rooms presently, so hang in there.

3. The big buzz is about the CheckRayz forum... All I can say there is that it's still "coming soon." We (lil bro) has to do some programming work on his end for things to work the way they should.

4. Everyone who is a member of CheckRayz is going to be receiving shortly a new "opt in" request for newsletters. I'm working to both be in total compliance with all laws, AND changing mailers, so when you receive it, please opt in as appropriate.

5. More to come...


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