poker day with "the boys"...

Written while still intoxicated from the night before, edited while "sober"...

So, we had this diaper party for my bud. And of course, poker was the "entertainment" of the day. No disrespect to "the boys"... but it was tough "playing" poker against them. So, I'd push with hands that I normally would not push with, just having a good time (said another way, I played extremely donk-like purposely).

The final game of the evening, I decided I wanted to truely "play" (read: I was gonna win). First hand I am dealt, I look at the hole cards and see AQs, and I'm under the gun. I think this through, and at the table 2 of the eight, in addition to me, are actual players (guy who plays often, and the infamous character known as "That Guy"). My friend (the guy who's party it was) didn't realize when we first began playing several beer, shots, and hours ago, that the hole cards meant anything. He'd call or bet before looking at his hole cards, as he thought the flop would tell him how valuable his hole cards were, and he'd pay dearly to see them (he knew no better and really thought this was "correct," by the way). Other guys at the table have called down large raises with one face card (i.e. - j3offsuit). So, I'm thinking that a raise preflop would do nothing more than get more money in the pot, but I'd still be up against 4-5 people and have to worry about being outdrawn more expensively.

So, I limp preflop. And of course, so does most everyone else (i think we were six handed going into the flop - we'd have been five or six handed if i raised with a sweeter pot). The flop comes AJ5 rainbowed. Normally, this flop is favorable to me, but this time; I'm frustrated with this flop, as I wouldn't be surprised if someone was holding Jack five. Rather certain no one has AJ. Possibly, could be an ace five, but the clowns would raise with any ace. So, its checked to me... I push all-in, thinking that this is the only way I am gonna get any value out of my hand (either stealing or getting heads up, maybe even three way). 1 caller (jack seven offsuit). GG him, wtg me.

I took about five hands off, announcing i wasn't "playing" again til we were three handed. I broke that promise though, and ended up knocking a few more out. A friend of mine wrote online about knowing your opposition, citing specifically that a "monkey" would never recognize the elaborate moves of a chess master in a game of chess, thus the "moves" would not be nearly as effective. Same stands true with poker, you can "bet hard," but does the opponent who knows nothing about poker know what this should represent? How bout check raising... any clue that is sending a message that he's beat? When you're playing against simple minded people (from strictly a poker standpoint), keep it simple. Don't throw all these complex, potentially expensive moves that will cause a tight, knowledgable player to set his hand down, fearing either a coin flip or that he's against the absolute nut.

Fast forwarding in the story, I did indeed win the game, as I "knew" I would. I took home top prize and was able to leave a nice tip for our bartender of the evening.