Heads up Recap...

I continued my ring game, doin the six seater 3 tablin' limit gig yesterday. Once again, an "average day" as for my win rate. I do have to say, I'm playing some good poker right now, according to my pokertracker stats. It doesn't help to FINALLY have the Poker Gods on my side either.

I shut her down after a few hours of play and decided I wanted to get some head's up action in. So, off to Celeb I went.

My first match, I feigned weakness early, hoping the guy would later take my checks for weakness and bet into me. This strategy did not work, as I'm not certain he was even aware there was an opposing hand that could possibly beat him. This one ended up with him raising, I re-raised up and my JJ got nailed vs. his Q10, and lost out.

Next match I came out firing and easily defeated my opposition before the blinds had a chance to increase.

I decided that perhaps I needed to move up in limits a bit, because "these people" weren't going to give me a challenge. I say that respecfully. My purpose of playing, in addition to making money, is to better my game. Sure, winning is great, but these people weren't posing a challenge. Either they were going to outdraw me, or they weren't. Nothing educational at all.

So, I moved up and found what I was looking for...

This guy wanted to come out firing chips. So, I decided once again to feign weakness early and set up the trap or the check-raise. So, early on, I often set down my hand, which I was rather certain had him beat --- he was bullying and I was allowing. Key hand in this match was my flopping of top pair. I check the flop, he bets, I call. Turn gives me trips. I check, he checks. River comes blank. I throw out a small bet (1/4 of the pot), hoping he's gonna get a sniff weakness. Sure enough, he does and overbets. With the board paired, I'm also needing to worry about a trap. However, his overbet was enough that he was seriously chip deprived if he folds. I take a chance and push all-in. He folds after nearly timing out. His stack is now 4 times big blind. Like clockwork, he raises to allin preflop. I decide that I want to play this one out, as he could be on tilt (he was), and besides, I had the only garbage hand I enjoy playing (7-10o - I used to be a bowler, don't ask). I hit, he misses. Win to me. I ask if he'd like a rematch, he tells me to pound salt and that's that.

Next player totally dominated me. I couldn't get a read on him at all. I felt like Peyton Manning facing my Steeler defense. I couldn't make anything happen and had no clue how this man was coming at me. Needless to say, I never did get a good read on him and lost badly. I asked for a rematch, he declined citing he needed to get to work.

Last match before having to pick up the kids. Early on, this guy seemed passive, so I got aggressive early, and was off to commanding lead. He responded by turning up his aggression on me. Seeing this, i tightened up just a little bit, being a bit more selective of my raising hands. Once again, I began setting up the check-bet-fold move (I check, he bets, I fold) letting him feel in control. First CheckRayz of game folds him up, giving me a decent size pot. I took down the next hand as well, calling him cleanly, then value betting the checked river, working him while on the ropes. Next hand, I check call a boat. Finish comes from allin call 66-a4 on the limp, he pushes i call. Win me.

Record for the day: 3 wins-2 losses

Went on to play the Shark Event at PokerTime. Good showing by me. Solid playing, with a few strokes of luck. Made the finals table yet again in the Shark-PT event, however this time, instead of taking second, I finished on the bubble, taking 6th out of 300+. Good time, great play! Two events tonight, CheckRayz @ Kiwi @ 8pm, and Sharks at the Sun @ 8.15pm EST. I'm two tabling tonight. See you all there!