Friday Night Mail Bag...

Due to the large amounts of "fan mail," cards, and letters I get, I'm going to begin doing a regular "Friday Night Mail Bag" column here. Don't worry, I'll still respond as I normally do. I'm just going to post the more frequent and/or humorous questions and comments here (paraphrased by yours truely, of course). With that, on to the Mail Bag.

Our first letter comes from Norman,

Deer Beerman,
What's the deal is with the advertised Hollywood Poker Tourney? I see three tourneys listed, none of them have the guaranteed $$$ you speak of. Please advise.

Well Norman, thanks for asking. I was trying to get CheckRayz to be the name of the tourney. However, my imhere4beer name is all I could manage. As for the three tourneys, one of them are listed as registering, the other two are cancelled. Sam from Hollywood informed me that H-wood poker is not yet able to accomidate formal private tourneys like many of the other sites we play. Thus, he cannot add money in advance. There is still $200 in the prize pool. This pays out in addition to the entry fee. The entry fee pays immediately, the $200 will follow within 24-48 hours, manually credited by Hollywood Poker. And finally, the free bonus $10 will be credited to everyone who is eligable (downloaded software from CheckRayz, made first time deposit, and played in the tourney). The bonus will be credited at the same time the $200 pays out.

Next question comes from Carey in Michigan. Carey writes,

What the hell is a NZ Super Satellite Qualifier?

Carey, the NZ Super Satellite Qualifier is simply a private qualifier we're holding at Kiwi Poker, in which we will be sending someone to the NZ Super Satellite, which is $200+15 to buy in. We will have 1 seat to award per twenty players who enter. Plus, the monster to launch my donk ass from the tourney will also be awarded a Super Satellite seat. Should one of these individuals go on to win the NZ Super Satellite, they will be on their way to Christchurch, NZ to play in the NZ Poker Championships. I read somewhere that you'll also be eligable to win a WSOP Seat while in NZ.

Joe writes - Does that Shark dude really think the Hawks stand a chance against the Steelers in the Super Bowl?

HaHaHa, Joe. The beerman thinks the shark broke into my beer stash.

And finally, several people wrote in asking why they cannot log into the Rayz site.

To that I answer this way.

1. Did you register for the CheckRayz site? (sharkpokertour, onlineshark, and checkrayz; while all part of the shark powered network, operate on different databases, and require different registration). If not, please register and try to log in again.

2. Did you put your email address, the one you registered with, in the email address field? Or did you incorrectly put your leaderboard screenname?

3. Did you know that passwords are case sensitive? I suggest copying and pasting your password from the registration email.

4. If you REALLY did all the above. Then and only then do I suggest reregistering.

More from the Mailbag next week. Keep the emails coming!!!