Celeb Announcement...

As promised, I have a HUGE announcement regarding CheckRayz and Celeb Poker. Celeb have stepped up bigtime for the CheckRayz membership. For the last two months or so, they've offered a handsome bonus. They've given us an even more attactive bonus for the next thirty days.

Exclusive to CheckRayz members, Celeb are offering a 250% first time deposit bonus (up to $500)! This is compared to the standard 200% bonus they've been offering the general public. Play thru requirements do apply, however, they are a great deal less than the standard Celeb play thru. Email me for details.

Additionally, as previously announced, Celeb have given CheckRayz a $250 added $10+1 tourney, slated for 15 Feb. with a special 10pm EST start time (clay, we heard your request on this one bud). This event is expected to be huge, registration is open now. Winner shall receive a Celeb hat and tee, and additionally we're throwin' in a CheckRayz first edition tee (the swag treble).

Announcement tommorrow regarding RB's $200 freeroll. They've committed to two $200 frees and a $200 added $5+.50. We may bump these events back 1 week... or it may go off as scheduled. Expect to hear tommorrow AM/early afternoon as to the status of the tourneys.

More to follow.