First Tourney a Success...

Our first tourney was a success. We had a nice, as opposed to monsterous sized field for the CheckRayz tourney at Kiwi Poker. I sat at a great table to start things off, with SPT regular CT and a local friend of mine, who also plays Shark events, John (help me out one more time on the pronounciation of your sn again, if you would). The one thing I have to say (from my observation), there was very little donk playing in this tourney. Most freeroll poker tourneys feature donk after donk after donk. This one was different, for some reason.

Right around the first break, I stepped up and begin accumulating chips, sitting in 10th. John was not too far behind... And Clayshooter, yet another Shark standout, was running on or near the "lead lap" from pretty much start to finish. He and I ended up on the same table later on in the tourney, where he "floated me a loan" (said another way, he raised from the button, I had a pocket pair and believed him to be attempting a steal --- I figured if he had a monster he would be more likely to trap against me). Needless to say, he doubled me up and though he "counts" the three way hand on the finals table as repayment (I lost the hand, but not to him), I am certain I still owe him chippies.

One can deduce by that last statement that we both made the finals table. This finals table was an excellent one. Several conversations and stories being told. Relaxed "feel" to it. I always enjoy the friendly feel of tables such as this one. I dropped off in ninth place. Clay went on to win the event (guess he didn't "need" my chips after all). Great showing by him and everyone else in the first CheckRayz event.

In case you've never played at Kiwi, the software is quite similar in nature to Titan, however, it appears as if we're playing in the grass of the outback. I think my chair, on the first table, was on some uneven land and my beer cooler kept rolling away from me, but that could have been BMC (sitting to my right) tryin to steal a beer or two. Overall, great tourney.

Next stop for the CheckRayz Leaderboard Tour is CelebPoker, home of the "loosest tables on the net." Their short tables are five deep, as opposed to the traditional six seaters. To me, this is the NL Ring Player's dream scenerio. I've cracked many a donk at Celeb. Great deposit bonus goin on right now at Celeb (200%). Deposit and play 250 hands at .50/1 or higher and get yourself a CheckRayz first edition Tee. Email me through the Rayz site when you complete.

Upcoming Celeb Tourneys are as follows: Thurs 1/12/06 at 9pm for the CheckRayz Leaderboard Freeroll. Then we return to Celeb on Sat 1/14/06 at 4pm for the $5+.50 First Ever CheckRayz Heads-up Tourney!!! All who enter the tourney will get either a CheckRayz first edition Tee, a Celeb Tee, or a Celeb Hat. Celeb was nice enough to throw in some "swag" for our players and an additional $150 to sweeten the prize pool.

Look for more events to be added to the calendar very soon.