Misc.n random thoughts early in the tourney...

So, I'm playin the 40K Guaranteed *rebuy/addon at Pokerroom right now... Still early in the tourney (just began lvl 2). 1186 began, 1100 remain. Its painful seeing 2-5s played utg (limp then called a raise) winning with a flush vs. AKs, AK and 10-10. I've got about 3800 chips, which is good for 100th place at the time of this entry.

I must say, two times now the card gods have tested me. I sat late position with 88 and 44. When I had the 8s, AQx hit the board. I folded to an overbet, only to see an 8 hit the turn. Holding the fours, I had a raise and a reraise in front of me. I correctly dumped the fours preflop, and would have nailed the set on the flop. Both were correct plays, but as I said, the poker gods are trying to get me to donk... "Not this drunken fool," I say! Speaking of drunken things, the CheckRayz "sponsored" soccer team, Beer F.C. (the Beer Football Club) begins their Winter II season this week.

As for Rayz business, it appears as if Kiwi wants us to come back (wow, we didn't even clean up after ourselves --- clay left shotgun shells all over the grass as he gunned down all his opposition in his march to victory, I left Beer cans all over the place, CT threw bottle upon bottle of nyquil on the ground, missing the garbage can cuz she was a bit disoriented from all the meds she was on). Anyways, I'm corresponding with the Kiwi rep, and details about another tourney or two will be released shortly. As will tourneys at a few additional sites. Remember, Next week is Celeb (Freeroll on Thurs, Heads up buy-in on Sat). CR Tees, or Celeb Tees or hats to anyone either depositing and playing 250 hands .50/1 or higher... or enters the heads up tourney. No pw for these events, however, you MUST download through the checkrayz site to be eligable to enter.

"Lil bro" (screenname Steveman on the Checkrayz Leaderboard Tour) will be perfecting the Leaderboard on the Rayz site real soon. Speaking of, you must have a screenname entered with the rayz database, otherwise I can't credit ya points. Anyone scoring leaderboard points (top 9 finishers) must check to ensure they enter a sn. (As i type this, the card gods "do" me again... I raise, only to be reraised twice... My 10s utg vs AA vs AK, I folded preflop so as to live to play another day... However, yet another set woulda hit... Grrr). Gods however have rewarded such discipline on my part, as they've allowed me to set with sevens in a seven-way pot and blessed me with a higher kicker when queen-shit (x2) hit the board. I'm now sitting in 150th place with 4800 chippies, blinds 50-100 and 925 peeps remaining, damn, just got a table change... I'm no longer the old bag with the old looking bag. I'm the cowboy dude now and dealt queens in the hole first hand... 1 caller late (the fat ass). And of course, he draws on me... calling with J10offsuit. He gets the "tool" label, i lose about 1000 chippies and we move on... Few other hands play out, mostly me tilting over top fat bastard... I get to the break with 4900 chips and sit in 285th place, 839 peeps remain...

I've rambled for an hour... put out some important thoughts, distracted myself, played "link whore" and lasted the hour without rebuying or donking out. Go me!!! More to come later...

update: end of hour 2, I sit with 6500 and in 240th of 336th place. "Mr. My pocket pairs have been hitting all night" got mixed up with my AA and paid me. I donated back to "Mr. I love to see every flop, regardless of cost." Blinds now 300-600, 7500 chipstack for me after stealing with JJ in the cuttoff.

update: end of hour number 3, other than jj, i've not had a playable hand in position. Down to 3699 with blinds now going to 800-1600. Button just passed me, 126th out of 132... top 130 get paid, so yes... I'm on the bubble. Looking for something to offer up to the poker gods here.

Final update: Bubble bursts, poker gods don't like my offering... "Mr. My pp have been hittin all night" resurfaces, gets mixed up in a pot with me. I'm shortstacked and on the BB, so of course I move all in, he calls with a 6-8s from mid position (give me a break here)... Flop hits him hard, the same way a greese monkey would hit an unlocked tool room as his shop is goin out of business. He takes my chips, crushing my AQ, knocking me out in 127th place. Overall, not a bad showing... I'm outie.