Poker.com moves to it's own timezone again

Today's the big day when poker.com takes it's traditional move away from the Eastern Time Zone and goes into what's called Poker.com time. Perhaps more specifically, it could be argued that since Poker.com remains in the GMT-5 Time Zone, that it is always poker.com time, and the Eastern Time Zone simply leaves poker.com time, ousted in favor of the Central Time Zone, who is now GMT-5.

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Not to worry though, us confused Easterners have options... First, you can look at the lobby clock at poker.com, which is in fact prominantly located on the top right side of the lobby. Second, you could simply remember that poker.com is still GMT-5, and WE made the adjustment.

Third, you can have one of those more elaborate setups, such as found in the old fashioned major news rooms and have the times of major places in the world, such as New York, London, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Poker.com all have their own clocks on the wall.

No matter how you do it, just remember that Poker.com is still GMT-5, and the Eastern Time Zone is now GMT-4.

Speaking of Poker.com, CheckRayz are holding a private Free Entry Poker Tournament at Poker.com on 3/13/07, which is scheduled to start at 9pm Poker.com Time. The tournament is a free entry poker tournament, however, you do need a password to join the tournament. The password can be found by logging into the CheckRayz website and going to the tournament schedule page, where the CheckRayz Tournament Passwords are all located.

From there, download Poker.com if you've not yet done so (and of course register). You can click the link on the CheckRayz site to download the poker.com poker room. Once you've downloaded poker.com, go to the Private Tab in the lobby, then the satellite tab. You'll see the CheckRayz tournament, simply register by joining the tournament and typing the case sensitive password into the box when prompted.


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