Poker.com and Omaha

Passing time today, I decided to play in a PL Omaha tourney at poker.com. Which, have I mentioned how top notch not only the poker room is, but also the peeps behind poker.com - totally awesome.

While all of them are totally awesome, I'd like to send a special thanks to Liam. Liam stepped up and helped me out in a situation in which I did need help, but he was really under no obligation to assist. He went above and beyond the call of duty, and for that I'm eternally greatful! Thanks Liam!

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So, as I was saying, playin a lil pot limit omaha tourney today and it just so happens that the flop hit me hard, yet I still got action. Only a picture will do at this stage.

Speaking of Poker.com, CheckRayz are having themselves a satellite to the Sunday Guaranteed today at 9pm. Added to the prize pool is one seat to the Sunday Guaranteed. Great tourney, the Sunday Guaranteed is. Stop by if you get a second. The password is on the CheckRayz site, and of course you do have to be a member of CheckRayz to view the password.


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