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Warning --- There may be very little poker content here.

Further Warning --- This content is actually written, as opposed to the two lines by me I've put out lately.

Final Warning --- Reread the first two warnings, as I'm serious...

Yes, the rumours of my death are false. So the magic questions become, "Mike, where the hell have you been and wtf have you been doin," I strongly suspect. And even perhaps one of those infamous "what's the plan," questions too.

Well, keep reading and perhaps we'll find out those answers and more.

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First, "where have I been".

Well, for starters, I had to get one of those job things --- you know, outside the house and what not. I've been working long hours for shit compensation and it's been wearin' a brotha' out. Actually, it's not been that bad, however, it has been that bad when it comes to the twins. It's been difficult to find a spare minute to spend time with my children, especially considering my shifts have been mostly falling on the times they'd be out of school and with me. That makes me cranky.

Fortunately, as of this week that's changed. They've adjusted my hours to better accomidate my family life. I'm now both less cranky and more able to spend time with "Daddyz Lil Angels." We've got to spend quality time this week, the twins and I have.

Ironic that UIGEA was written under, among other things, the battle cry of protecting children and families; yet somehow not only I was able to spend more time with my family before UIGEA's enactment, but also as a result, I was able to better watch over and protect (read: parent) over my kids at the same time. Interesting, isn't it?

What have I been doing?/What's the Plan?

Well, if one was paying attention, they'd have heard above that I'd been working a lot, and thus could conclude that that work is what I've been doing, but that's not the whole story either.

There are other things going on in the BeerGuy's life as well. I'm in the process of establishing 1 poker and one non-poker related business. Both will be established with silent partners, though one of the businesses will have less silent... more like "quiet partners." I'm looking to launch each of these biz's in June or July, unless of course I get "the call" to make an appearance of some sort in Vegas in June/July for some unknown reason.

So, those of you reading between the lines, it's not in my plans to work for someone else the rest of my life. It never has been. My plan has always been to be my own "boss" in one form or another.

In other news

In other news, I've been playing phone tag with Michelle ("ChipTricks") for the last two weeks or so. She called me up a bit ago to let me know she is alive. We've been just missing one another by about five to ten minutes. I'm hoping to get ahold of her this evening - maybe in between games.

Speaking of games, the "monthly game" is today. Rumour has it that Mitch's ninjas will be returning from their secret mission and will be capping at the "monthly game." Of course, I prefer to think that the ninjas are returning only after confirming Chuck Norris retiring from protecting my hand to cashing in a WSOP Circuit Event in Atlantic City.

So, now that Chuck has in fact pulled his services, I'm now looking for a new protector of hand. The "Endgame Poker Pooch" has offered to temporily guard my hand. So, we'll have to see if that works out. I've also sent out offer sheets to the ferocious rabbit from the Quest for the Holy Grail, Cowboy Bob Orton to acquire his pink cast, Roddy Piper's Coconut, and of course Slimer from Ghostbusters, though I hear he may have hired Jamie Gold as his agent. I hear they're both kinda difficult to work with.

Needless to say, I'm still interviewing/taking suggestions for my new hand protector, so we'll see.

Well, that's all for now. Kids and I are off to go bowling. I've long since retired from the bowling world, however, the twins get really combative competative when they throw the bumpers on the rail. Game on!

More soon.


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