How is it you post again?

It has been so long since my last post, I've damn near forgot how to post on this thing formerly known as the Poker Pub Poker Blog. I say formerly, as a blog "should" be updated somewhat regularly. In looking through my posts, it's far from regular for me.

I'd say I've not had the time to post, but that would be roughly three-quarters of the story. More correctly, I've not made the time. I enjoy writing. It allows me a creative outlet of sorts. And quite frankly, I've not "made" the time to do many of the things in which I enjoy.

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I'd like to thank John, Earl, and Robert for stopping by to say hello. I'll be popping in on the three of you to say hi shortly. Additionally, a tip of the beer mug to my friends who may stumble upon the blog post. I miss you all and will be "back in business" soon.

Well, this 21 yr old has tired himself out... Expect at least one substantial post per week from here on out.


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