Happy New Year's Update and stuff...

I did mention that I'd be posting once a week or more. I guess I failed to mention said posting would kick off after the first of the year? So, on that note, Happy New Year!

I suspect the burning question in everyone's mind (at least the one or two peeps who drop in on the Poker Pub Poker Blog) is "BeerGuy, where the hell have you been?" Perhaps (no promises) I'll answer that... Keep reading.

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For starters, after UIGEA, the online business previously known as CheckRayz was all but dead in the water. The douchebags in congress took what was a nice home based business and drove it into the ground. That being said, I had to seek out opportunities outside the household. Unfortunately, said opportunities keep me out of the house for the majority of my time. The free time I do have (all be it miniscule) is earmarked for family.

That being said, I finally turned the lights off at the old CheckRayz site recently. The lights were left on for a while, but really... no one was home. CheckRayz does still exist, but no longer in it's online form. If anyone's ever in the neighborhood, feel free to give me a shout - I'll give ya directions to the Club. Here, the lights are on five days a week, tourneys run often and the NL game is quite juicy. I'm also starting a league to send one of my friends to the 2008 WSOP. I look forward to the challenges that this task presents.

I'm working to get back into soccer after my unprescidented tenth retirement. This may be my last comeback, however. The back is aching and I'm no longer feeling like the 21 yr old I've been for the last 13 or so years. The team, Beer FC, still exists, but it too has taken on a new form.

Additionally, I'm planning to go back to school for the fourth time, as well as take on a task of being a guest writer for a local online publication.

2008 is a rebuilding year for your's truly - evolving with the times as conditions dictate. I look forward to said evolution in the times to come. Here's to the new year. I wish everyone the best of fortunes, and may variance in life and on the table be on your side!


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