Legalized online poker anyone?

According to Lou Krieger's Blogm it appears as if legislation has been introduced to both regulate and legalize online poker in the US. Lou has been following the issue of UIGEA since it became a possibility, let alone a reality. He's done a phenominal job in keeping his readers informed and this time is no different. Lou's blog is a daily read of mine, and if you're not following his writing, you're really missing out.

Below are two links to his blog following this breaking news:

Rep Barney Frank Introduces legislation to regulate online gaming

Poker Players Alliance supports Frank's legislation

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This does seem to be a great first step in moving to legalize onling gaming, specifically poker. Additionally, the PPA seems to be finally getting their shit together. For a while, it seemed as if the PPA was as impotent and ineffective as... well, let's just say they weren't doing much where it mattered most. Perhaps now, with a bit of reorganization and some support in-house, they'll be better focused in their efforts to get poker formally legalized in the US.


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