CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour Announced

Well, I finally got "most" of the details worked out, but here's the scoop. We're doing a leaderboard poker tour with CheckRayz and here's how it works. The leaderboard points will be accumulated between April 1 - June 30 of 2007. The games will be announced and designated as official CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour Events. Each event will assign points for the place you finish, so if you finish tenth out of ten, you'll receive one, ninth of ten - two, etc.

Additionally, you'll receive points for cashing. So, if you finish first place of ten, you receive ten points for your first place finish and then you'd also receive one point per dollar earned. So if first prize was $20, to keep it simple, you'll receive 20+10 or 30 points to the leaderboard.

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Additionally, the games will vary - not just NLHE. Event 1 and 2 have already been announced and will be at poker.com on 4/11 ($1+.1 R/A) and 4/12 ($1+.1 PLO8). Passwords are all on the CheckRayz website. I'll additionally get around to making a complete list of rules to post on the website.

The way this is going to work though, is that the top portion (top portion to be determined at a later date - not too much later though) of the leaderboard will compete for our grand prize, which will also be determined at a somewhat later date and will vary based on participation.


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