3 games a week for CheckRayz

Well, it looks like the motor on the CheckRayz website has begun turning once again. Every Wednesday and Thursday CheckRayz will be at Poker.com for the CheckRayz Leaderboard Tour at Poker.com.

Every Monday night, CheckRayz plays the CheckRayz League at Bugsy's Club. Additionally, there may be an occasional satellite freeroll poker tournament to gain entry to the CheckRayz League.

These games will go on throughout the entire third quarter, thus giving CheckRayz members at least three quality games per week.

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CheckRayz News - Keep up with all the CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour happenings.

Each league will be independant of one another. Prizes for the league winners will be announced soon. The CheckRayz Leaderboard Tour will pay out a prize of at least $100 to the winner.

Passwords for both events can always be found on the CheckRayz Tournament Schedule and Passwords page. All members of CheckRayz are welcome to participate.

Additionally, the books at CheckRayz are currently open. Anyone wishing to register as a member can register at CheckRayz for free by clicking.

The leaderboard for the CheckRayz Leaderboard Poker Tour will be maintained on the CheckRayz site, while the BC League will be held on site at Bugsy's Club.


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