Update from the Beerguy

I've been mostly away from the online poker scene for quite some time now. Several reasons kept me away - anything from playing live more, spending time with the family, not wanting to tie up the live bankroll, letting the Rayz site go...

This past week, however, I had the itch to play. I found that I missed playing online. It's relaxing, enjoyable (at least when one is runnin well). I forgot how nice it is to have Pokertracker workin with ya.

To curb the itch, I put some dough on Stars and played for a spell. Among the various games, I managed to stumble upon the Second Annual Turkey Cup, hosted by Dr. Pauly.

I got to see a lot of friends and acquaintances that I've not seen or heard from in far too long... More specifically, John - it was a pleasure donking ALL my chips off to ya! I did manage an 8th place finish, despite my donkey-ness...

I also had a great time listening to the commentary and coverage from BDR - thanks for the shoutout, by the way...

So I guess I'm sayin - I'll be around...


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