No guarantees

Nope - it's surely not your imagination (speaking to the whole 1 reader left in the blogosphere). I'm actually posting something - so it seems. Actually, among other things - I'm not guaranteeing a regular post, an update... or anything. It is what it is around here, I guess...

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In any event, this comes in no particular order... but may answer the "where the hell have you beens, what the hell have you been doings, and the what nexteses..."

Where have you been?

Well, anyone following the online blog or who has been in the know on my screennames sure the hell know I've not been busy updating the blog or playing online.

Nor have I been touring the world, for that matter.

So I guess that begs the question "where have you been?" --- ah, what a great question that is...

What the hell have you been doing?

in bullet points (without the bullets)

building a relationship

raising the kids

building a franchise

busting my ass

playing cards

What's next?

Who the hell knows...? Maybe come back to visit and find out...?

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