Sick beat on table 13...

1-2 NL "Table 13" 5 handed...

Folded to me on the button...

I raise to 7 with Q-10 offsuit

The SB and the BB both call. Each of us have anywhere from $150-200 in our stacks.

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Flop comes Q diamonds, 10 diamonds, nine clubs.

Checks to me, where I bet 16 into the 20 pot. I get one caller in the small blind, who is a tricky, trappy player - more than capable of bluffing or call bluffing.

I begin to think about what kind of hands he called me on the flop with. He could have anything, thinking I was on a steal and continuing it. Or he could have a hand such as AQ, KJ, J10, Q9, A9, AA, KK, a smaller pocket pair. Additionally, any K, Q, J combination could have called here if in his hand.

Turn is a 10. I'm sure I now have the best hand. I have to bet here, to make it look like a somewhat disguised steal to my opposition, otherwise, I risk either a check behind or a fold. I bet out 40 into the 52 dollar pot.

The player thinks, and says "I have to push, I'm all in."

He has me covered. I think for a second, a quick second and call.

"You have me beat, don't you?" he asks.

I tell him I think I do, and ask which he has, an overpair, a straight or a flush. He tells me he needs a king, knowing I have a boat. He calls for a king on the river, and sure enough, he hits his 2 outer. Kings over queens vs my 10s over queens.

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