How do you get away from this hand?

$1/2 NL - $100 max 10 seated.

UTG, I am dealt 10 ♦ - 9 ♦ . I limp for $2. Player next to me raises to $12. Action rolls back around to me. I call for $12, with $59 behind. My call makes the pot $72 preflop, as there are six callers. To give you background on the players involved, there are two short stacks, another stack similar in size to my own. Additionally, there are two stacks containing well over $300 and another with almost $200.

This table has been rather soft, as there has been little reraising prior to this, and the players - less one, are not tricky. Of course, the table often lacks "standards" in that hands such as A-9 offsuit have been raised and shown. Additionally, Q-9 is a regular "calling hand" here too. So, while I do not have any delusions that I'm the best, or even close preflop, my hand is "playable" at this table oop.

The flop delivers 7 ♦ , Jack ♦ and the King ♣ .

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The blinds check, as do I. My check was with the intentions of raising or calling. This is a great board for me, as I have eight outs to the flush. Additionally, I have three additional queens that can give me the straight, though not the nut straight. Speaking of nuts, three eights give me the nut straight and the 8 ♦ gives me the nut straight flush. In total, I have 15 outs, though some of them may make me second best. I'm ready to let a pot be built, then push.

The guy to my left continues with $20 into that $70 pot. There's a raise to all-in, followed by another raise to all-in. Two of the deep stacks call cleanly, one of the blinds fold and I move all-in as well. The initial better folds. The main pot now contains about $375.

Action does continue on the turn between the deep stacks, as the turn card is an 8 of ♣ . The two deep stacks end up all-in. The river brings me my eight of ♦ , though I already hit the nuts on the turn. But the straight flush on the river was a nice touch.

The hands shown were queens, King Jack, Queen Jack, and my 10-9. No one saw the straight on the board. The dealer, in fact, almost did not see it. They did call it a flush initially, I corrected saying it was a straight flush.

Now, in the interest of fairness, I had my ass handed to me in the next session, as I could not hit a set during the entire 18 hour session. In fact, I made some really really nice second besters that were great on the push, and bad on the come. That session was absoutely sick, and going to be mentioned no further here (for now, until my stomach settles).


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