noteworthy live hands - hammer drop 1

Lots of live play for the Beerguy this week. Here's the highlight reel...

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Hand 1 - Charity tournament

Blinds - 50 - 100 10 ante 32 players started, 24 players remain... 8 handed, avg stack 2666

UTG (3500 chips) raises 2.5 times the blinds,
button calls (1700 chips),
I call from SB (4500 chips) with 2 ♠ 7 ♦

BB also calls (roughly 900 chips)
Pot contains: 1080

Flop comes: 2 ♣ 10 ♣ king ♥


I check, BB checks, utg bets out 500. Button folds. I suspect BB is going to either fold or go allin, so I raise to 1200 - which is enough to both cover him and not make it appear as if I'm trying to force him out. Additionally, I'm interested in seeing how the UTG plays this. He thinks and calls cleanly.

Pot contains: 3480

Turn card is the 7 of ♥

I check, being reasonablly certain he's going to bet here again - especially considering there are now two flush draws on the board, not to mention the straight draw. All of which have not been filled on the turn. My suspician is that he will bet here hoping for a fold.

He does in fact bet out, and bets 800. I again raise to put him all in. He postures and someone at the table mentions I'm playing the hammer. He thinks some more and says, "We're boys, he wouldn't drop the hammer on me." He concludes I'm either on a straight or flush draw, so he calls with top pair, ace kicker.

River's a blank and the hammer correctly holds up. I go on to finish fourth place...

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